SnapGuard FAQ

What Editions of SnapGuard do you offer?

SnapGuard "LE" (Light Edition) is a graphical tool that can be installed on Windows.

SnapGuard "EE" ("Enterprise Edition") is a standalone appliance with a web interface, running 24/7, supporting both virtualized and physical machines, and offering - amongst many other things - the world's first NetApp FPolicy based CIFS firewall.

What is the licensing policy for SnapGuard ?

SnapGuard-LE is licensed per NetApp controller, we sell 4-controller license packs. In the future, you need to register the serial numbers of the attached controllers.

SnapGuard-EE is licensed per NetApp controller (or node, in cDot cluster terminology).

When using SnapGuard-EE with a cDot cluster, then a license for each node in the cluster is needed.

In case of 7-mode systems, a license for each configured controller is needed (if SnapGuard is attached to only one of two controllers of a HA-pair, then only one license is needed).

License Keys can be generated by activating a license in the Cleondris Support Portal, each activated license-key is bound to a cDot cluster serial or the respective 7-mode controller serial number. Note: trial keys are not bound to any controller.

Where can I buy SnapGuard?

Many NetApp resellers sell Cleondris software. In doubt, contact the Cleondris distributor for your country.

Can I try it before buying a license?

Yes, we offer Trial-licenses for unlimited amounts of controllers and with almost the full functionality.

I am a Reseller, how can I sell SnapGuard to my customers?

Please contact the responsible Cleondris distributor for your country.



Stay tuned for the upcoming HCI, SolidFire and AltaVault support in Cleondris Data Manager. Please contact us if you would like to be in the beta progam.


Don't miss our SnapGuard presentation (session 34009-2, Wednesday Nov 15th at 15:00) at NetApp Insight Berlin. During the whole event, you can also meet us and our distributor Arrow at booth SA1 (at the entrance of hall 2.2).


Join us at the Swiss NetApp Technology Forum at the Thessoni Hotel, Regensdorf (Zurich).


Uli Keller is joining Cleondris as director of sales for Germany and Austria.