Cleondris Software Downloads

Cleondris software products can be tested and evaluated by business customers free of charge. Please note that you need a valid license key to activate Cleondris software. To get a free trial license, please open an account on the support portal.

Enterprise Software

Here you can find the downloads for Cleondris™ Data Manager (CDM), SnapGuard™ (SGEE) as well as HCI Control Center (HCC).

Cleondris Software Appliance

This is the required software appliance for CDM, SGEE and HCC installations. You can deploy the .ova file with the VMware vSphere client to your ESX farm, the install only takes a few minutes. After the appliance has booted, you can set the network config, password for the web gui, etc. with the easy to use console configurator. Afterwards, you can login to the web UI and install the latest CDM/SGEE/HCC update with a web browser.


These unified CDM/SGEE/HCC updates can be deployed to the Cleondris appliance using the web UI with your favorite browser. The available set of features (CDM, SGEE, HCC or a combination) depends on your license key which you will be asked for during the initial installation (the license key can be changed later on at any time).

Older releases:

Data Manager Tools (DMT)

Cleondris Data Manager Tools (DMT) is an optional software component that can be used to scale-out an existing Cleondris software appliance. It allows the Cleondris software appliance to distribute and offload tasks to nodes in the network that are running DMT. Currently, the DMT software is only available for Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019.


Here you can find publicly available documentation about the Cleondris software. Please contact us if you need more information.

Entry-Level Software

SnapGuard™ Light Edition (SGLE) is our entry-level software offering.

SGLE for Windows

SGLE comes as an .exe (MSI installer) package. You can deploy the software to 32bit and 64bit versions of Microsoft Windows (Server 2008 or newer recommended, but Windows 7/8/10 works fine as well). To upgrade the software, simply install a newer version which will replace the current installation (current configuration settings will be kept).

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