Brand new: SnapGuard®

SnapGuard® provides you with peace of mind by protecting your data fabric. SnapGuard has been designed specifically for NetApp ONTAP storage systems and is therefore the ideal software for corporations already running on or planning to run on NetApp.

Quality Software from Switzerland

Cleondris is a privately held Swiss company that offers made-to measure software solutions for infrastructures with high availability requirements. Our customers are mainly European Telcos, Access Providers and Banks. The company headquarter is located close to Zurich, the financial capital of Switzerland.


Cleondris Data Manager (CDM)

Enterprise-ready Backup for Virtual Environments driven by NetApp: While there is a plethora of backup software available to the administrator, not many are able to handle the specific needs of large-scale virtualized environments on shared storage. Data Manager is the first backup product explicitly developed for enterprise sized VMware environments driven by NetApp storage.

Snapshot™ Based Backup

Based on NetApp snapshot technology, CDM can backup any number of files or VMs instantaneously. CDM makes use of various NetApp technologies and supports all data protocols offered by your NetApp filer.

Proven Scalability

CDM has been carefully designed to perform well in very large company environments. Today, some of our customers efficiently backup installations with dozens of NetApp controllers and thousands of VMs.

Minimal Dependencies

The installation of CDM is typically completed in a few minutes and does not require the installation of additional products like DFM or SnapManager. CDM does not require any plugins to vCenter or to the browser.






Join us for the NetApp Ransomware Bootcamp in Wallisellen, at the NetApp Switzerland office.


We are present at Insight Berlin 2016 at our booth (Insight Central, Cloud Corner, CC-B8). We are also present at the NetApp Technology Forum in Regensdorf, Switzerland on December 7th.


CDM 4.0 now supports stealth snapshot backups for cDot based NetApp Data ONTAP systems.


CDM 4.0 is available for all customers. It includes new features like SnapRadar and a new virtual appliance with extended update support until 2020.