Detection and Protection Against Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are a growing threat to businesses of all sizes. They can cause unforeseen downtime, financial damage, and critical data loss.

With SnapGuard, Cleondris provides a comprehensive solution to detect and protect against ransomware attacks on NetApp systems, both on-premises and remotely at the network edge and in the cloud.

The first choice for ransomware protection for NetApp

As the first choice for ransomware protection for NetApp ONTAP systems, SnapGuard has effectively protected data in NetApp environments of all sizes from ransomware attacks since 2016.

With layered security capabilities that monitor user behavior in real-time, analyze audit files, and review backups, SnapGuard helps detect and prevent attacks before they can cause damage. In the event of an attack, SnapGuard also provides tools to repair damaged data and quickly restore systems.

Ransomware threat detection

SnapGuard provides a three-tiered protection system for ransomware detection that helps you keep your NetApp data safe and secure.

  • Agentless real-time user behavior monitoring (FPolicy) and blocking known ransomware and malicious file types by EVTX Firewall provides a first layer of protection by tracing attacks to infected users and devices.
  • Automated analysis of file access logs enables the identification of abnormal behavior patterns and potential attacks by tracking user activity and identifying unusual or suspicious changes to the system, such as unauthorized access or file tampering.
  • Backup verification from SnapGuard also scans and verifies primary and secondary storage drives, as well as physically backed up AirGap SnapMirror target drives, to ensure backups have not been corrupted by ransomware.

These features provide comprehensive protection against ransomware attacks and help organizations keep their valuable data safe.

Ransomware attack mitigation features

SnapGuard offers a variety of features to help mitigate damage from ransomware attacks:

  • Automatically block users and devices: SnapGuard can automatically block users and devices when it detects a ransomware threat to prevent malware from spreading.
  • Read-only mode file shares: SnapGuard can put file shares into a read-only mode to ensure no more data can be corrupted or encrypted.
  • Emergency snapshot creation: SnapGuard automatically creates emergency snapshots of affected data for quick recovery.
  • Repair of corrupted data: SnapGuard can repair corrupted data from a snapshot on-site or in the cloud to make it usable again.
  • Integration with SIEM platforms: SnapGuard integrates with existing security information and event management (SIEM) platforms to provide comprehensive security posture monitoring.

Wondering how SnapGuard can help you mitigate damage from ransomware attacks? Try it now!

Valuable tool in the fight against ransomware threats

As the first choice for ransomware protection for NetApp ONTAP systems, SnapGuard has been providing organizations across various industries with effective protection against ransomware attacks on data in NetApp environments since 2016.

A healthcare company was able to quickly detect and stop a ransomware attack on its network thanks to SnapGuard's real-time monitoring and automatic blocking of users and devices. The company was able to avoid paying the ransom and recover its data from a snapshot created by SnapGuard before the attack.

A financial services provider also used SnapGuard to prevent a ransomware attack from spreading to its NetApp systems. SnapGuard's audit log analysis identified unusual behavior, alerted the administrator, and the administrator put the affected volumes into read-only mode, effectively containing the attack. The administrator could take care of the affected client systems without worrying about the security of his NetApp data.

The company was able to restore its data from a verified backup, avoiding significant downtime and potential financial losses.

Protect your NetApp systems with SnapGuard

Are you concerned about the growing threat of ransomware attacks on your business? With SnapGuard, you can sleep easier at night.

SnapGuard uses multiple layers of protection to detect and prevent ransomware attacks on NetApp systems. It monitors user behavior, analyzes audit files, and verifies backups to detect and stop threats before they can do any damage.

And in the unlikely event of an attack, SnapGuard provides tools to repair corrupted data and restore systems quickly.


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But don't just take our word for it - countless companies across industries successfully use SnapGuard to protect their data and minimize downtime and financial losses. So why wait? Join the ranks of satisfied customers and sign up for SnapGuard today. To learn more, request more information and see how SnapGuard can give you peace of mind.

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