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Jointly developed by NetApp and Cleondris

Cleondris and NetApp are pleased to announce availability of "Cleondris Hybrid Cloud Backup" (C-HCB) which orchestrates and manages backup and recovery of ONTAP NAS Data directly to Object storage leveraging NetApp's SnapMirror Cloud technology. Cleondris Hybrid Cloud Backup (C-HCB) leverages its deep integration with ONTAP APIs, Snapshots and Data Movers to backup NAS data from ONTAP systems directly to any Object Store - be it a bucket in NetApp StorageGRID or in Public cloud. C-HCB orchestrates backup directly to Object storage and provides a Catalog for Search and restore of files and directories from Cloud to On-prem. Cleondris Hybrid Cloud Backup has been running at Customers since Summer and is now available to Customers under joint Cleondris/NetApp Tech Preview program.

Work with the Backup Experts

Cleondris has been developing backup & recovery software for Data ONTAP since 2010 and is the first NetApp partner that has successfully tested and implemented the new SnapMirror Cloud functionality with its established customer base. Various customers have taken part in the tech-preview program since early Summer 2020. Amonst all NetApp partners, Cleondris has the most experience with SnapMirror Cloud.

Why Cleondris Hybrid Cloud Backup

C-HCB eliminates NDMP backups, expensive 3rd Party Backup Software, Media Server sprawl, target dedupe appliances e.g. data Domain and/or Tape Libraries and simplifies and streamlines backup and recovery operations, provides better reliability and SLAs, and an overall lower TCO solution saving customers $$M. The solution is scalable for large Enterprise environments. The good news is that Cleondris' innovative 'forever incremental' Backup & Recovery solutions for ONTAP and NetApp HCI enable you to manage exploding data growth and keep your data backed up, while keeping your costs under control to meet ever tightening budgets!! As the world moves to remote environments Cleondris innovative solutions with incremental forever technology, storage efficiency and end to end encryption, are opening the door to alternative solutions for NetApp Customers. Now is the perfect time to streamline your backup and recovery operations and begin leveraging unlimited Object Storage for Backup and long term archives.

How does it work?

SnapMirror Cloud is part of the SnapDiff v3 suite, which is a set of Data ONTAP APIs that are, due to their deep integration into the ONTAP storage engine, exclusive to NetApp partners. The new C-HCB functionality in Cleondris leverages these APIs to control the backup and recovery flow and also collects metadata to allow users to browse and to search for files and directories in the backup data.

The Cleondris software is located outside of the actual data path: deduplication, compression, encryption and the whole bulk SnapMirror Cloud data transfer is being done end-to-end between the ONTAP storage system and the S3 container. However, Cleondris makes extensive use of SnapDiff v3 APIs to collect multi-versioned metadata of the backup content and stores this in its own database to ease the later retrieval of backup data from the Cloud. Please read the A New Backup Architecture - SnapDiff V3 blog post by Ling Zheng (Technical Director at NetApp) if you want to learn more about the details of these new exciting features in Data ONTAP.

Join our Session at NetApp Insight 2020

Please join our demo session at NetApp Insight 2020: DEM-1537-1: NetApp SnapMirror Cloud Data Protection with Cleondris. Cleondris has prepared a full 10 minute demo that will guide you through our implementation of SnapMirror Cloud. Also, please do not forget to check out our other sessions, Cleondris is present this year in five sessions at Insight!

In the Cleondris SnapMirror Cloud session, you will see:

  • Quick intro to Cleondris, including its product portfolio (Backup & Restore for Data ONTAP since 2010, Ransomware Protection, NetApp HCI Integration)
  • SnapMirror Cloud Architecture
  • Live Demo of SnapMirror Cloud

How to get involved

Cleondris has a closed, limited available tech-preview program of C-HCB for resellers and customers that want to try out C-HCB and SnapMirror Cloud in their own lab. Please use the following link to to apply for participation in the tech-preview:

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