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This add-on enhances NetApp SolidFire deployments with disaster recovery (DR) and data protection capabilities. Cleondris HCC is fully integrated with the NetApp SolidFire (Element OS) storage engine. Its cloud integration and compatibility with VMware and NetApp ONTAP (on-premise and cloud) make it absolutely future proof.

HCC is the world's first add-on developed exclusively for NetApp SolidFire

Cleondris has been a proud partner in the NetApp SolidFire environment since 2018.
Netapp was so convinced of our product that you can buy HCC now exclusively from Netapp.


HCC adds disaster recovery capabilities to NetApp SolidFire. When your site fails, HCC recovers all your data from a secondary site, re-registers your virtual machines and performs policy-based VM startup orchestration - VMware Site Recovery Manager is not needed!


HCC includes a full set of backup features that are fully optimized for NetApp SolidFire. VMware support is included, but unlike other backup solutions, is not limited to this application. HCC can back up any kind of data at array level: you can use it with local SolidFire snapshots as well as replicated SolidFire snapshots.


NetApp and Cleondris have created an exclusive technical report (TR-4830) that describes the implementation of Cleondris HCC for performing disaster recovery for VMware in SolidFire environments.


We are actively working on adding SnapMirror support from SolidFire to ONTAP for backup as well as disaster recovery purposes.

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