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Cleondris is a privately-held Swiss software company that was founded in 2006 by Dr. Christian Plattner. We focus on building solutions for enterprise storage environments. Most of our customers are medium to large-sized service providers, industrial enterprises and banks. The company headquarters are in Zurich, the financial capital of Switzerland. We serve our customers through an international network of certified partners.

Cleondris adds value to NetApp™ environments

Cleondris has developed NetApp add-on software since 2010 and was registered as a global technical NetApp Alliance Partner in 2011. Our software extends the functionality of NetApp ONTAP and SolidFire installations. The functionalities included in our set of add-ons and our broad support for NetApp ONTAP versions is absolutely unrivaled among third-party vendors. Our additional integrations with other products, such as VMware™ vSphere and vCloud Director, ensure that our NetApp customers get the most out of their installations.

Scalability is part of our DNA

Before founding Cleondris, Dr. Christian Plattner, was a large-scale database replication researcher at ETH Zurich ETH Zurich (Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland). He is the inventor of DBFarm, a cluster-based database server capable of running on hundreds of nodes. His scientific work has been presented in major international computer science journals and conferences, like SIGMOD, Middleware and the VLDB journal.
Dr. Christian Plattner is proud to have worked with legandary computer scientists like Dr. Gustavo Alonso (Prof. Computer Science, ETH Zurich), Dr. Tamer Özsu (Prof. at University of Waterloo) and Dr. Swami Sivasubramanian (VP, Amazon AI).

Our Products

Cleondris™ Data Manager (CDM®)

Cleondris Data Manager was released in 2010. It was the first backup, restore and indexing software product explicitly developed for NetApp™ ONTAP & Cloud storage. The optional integration for VMware™ environments orchestrates array-based backup and replication. It has the capability to scale to tens of thousands of virtual machines, using a single instance of the software.

SnapGuard™ (SGEE)

SnapGuard was released in 2016. It provides you with the peace of mind that your data fabric is protected from malicious access. SnapGuard is designed specifically to integrate into NetApp ONTAP storage systems and features the world's first combined FPolicy and EVTX monitoring tool. It is ideal software for corporations running on or planning to run on ONTAP.

Cleondris™ HCC

Cleondris HCC was released in 2018. It was developed specifically for customers running NetApp™ SolidFire environments and adds disaster recovery and data protection capabilities to these deployments. HCC is fully integrated with the NetApp SolidFire Element OS storage engine. Its cloud integration and compatibility with VMware and NetApp ONTAP (on-premise and cloud) make it an extremely powerful tool.


Cleondris is the technology leader in NetApp add-ons.

Many of the features included in our software were first-to-market innovations. When it comes to NetApp add-ons, Cleondris has always been ahead of the curve and has set the bar time and again.

Here is an overview of pioneering features that enhance NetApp environments that Cleondris was first to provide:

Restoring Virtual Machines from SnapMirror/SnapVault

In 2010, CDM was the first add-on to support automatic recovery of virtual machines from SnapVault backups. Cleondris was the only vendor to facilitate restoration of virtual machines on NetApp storage by help desk staff, without granting them direct access rights to the NetApp or VMware toolchain. In CDM you can set fine-grained security permissions to limit access as needed. When NetApp introduced Clustered Data ONTAP (then called "C-Mode") in 2011, Cleondris was again first to offer data restore from SnapMirror DP (and later XDP) targets, and NFS and VMFS datastores. HCC includes a full set of backup features that are fully optimized for NetApp SolidFire. It also supports VMware and can back up any kind of data at array level.

Single File Restore for Linux Guests

The dynamic re-signing technology for Linux Volume Manager (LVM) developed by Cleondris in 2015 is still unique technology today. We have since built an independent version, LMV-2, from scratch and implemented it into our software across the board. It works without the help of agents or the support of a Linux guest operating system. LVM allows you to mount backups of virtual disks to running virtual machines. Using the automatic re-signing of MBR/GPT, LVM-2 (PV, VG, LV) and EXT-2/3/4 structures, the disks are easily recognized by the Linux kernel and there are no conflicts with active disks.

Scheduling Backups - a graphical Approach

Most storage administrators find defining and understanding cron schedules for backup jobs tedious-the cron format is just too cryptic. Because managing and enforcing correct backup schedules is such an important task, Cleondris designed the world's first graphical HTML5 web-based backup scheduler for ONTAP snapshots and SnapMirror replications back in 2013. Planning hourly, daily and weekly snapshots has never been easier, even for schedules that vary for different days of the week. And if you need advanced features, like backups on the last friday of a month, Cleondris can, of course, do that as well.

NetApp Browser for Storage Admins

If you've been in IT for a while, you'll remember Norton Commander. In 2013, this legendary product inspired us to develop the world's first web-based file explorer for NetApp ONTAP. Not only can you easily browse, copy and restore data between volumes, SVMs or different clusters with NDMP, it also allows you to easily follow SnapMirror replication chains. You can even see all snapshot versions of a file, even across XDP or DP replication cascades. In combination with our NetApp file search and support for FlexPool and cloud backups, this is an extremely powerful tool.

Indexing: Searching for Files

Storage administrators spend a lot of their time helping their users find and recover lost data. In 2017, Cleondris empowered storage admins by introducing the first file system meta-data indexing and search solution, optimized exclusively for Data ONTAP. Developed from the ground up, it integrates optimally with NetApp snapshots, NDMP, SnapDiff and SnapMirror. A single Cleondris installation scales from small business environments up to systems with billions of files, and can be added to existing setups in minutes. Unlike other solutions, it does not rely on general-purpose third-party open-source indexing packages. Our underlying multi-versioning database technology is based on the latest scientific research in this field.

Using FPolicy to detect and defeat Ransomware

NetApp's FPolicy framework has existed for a long time, but NetApp only ever allowed selected partners access to it to implement HSM and quota management solutions, among other things. In 2016, Cleondris was the first technology provider to come up with the idea of implementing active ransomware detection and automatic defense with FPolicy. Never one to rest on their laurels, in 2018 Cleondris furthered this innovation by integrating it into the NetApp file service audit log facility (EVTX files).

Differential Restore for unstructured Data

Countless solutions on the market promise protection against ransomware. Obviously, no one solution can offer 100% protection and promises to this effect are dishonest. However, Cleondris takes this issue one step further than most: in 2016, we invented differential restore for ONTAP, which automates NetApp SnapDiff, NDMP and SIS (Single-File-Clones). Using this technology, you can automatically restore only the necessary parts of a snapshot backup into an active file system to recover destroyed data. Unlike a full restore (for example, a volume-level SnapRestore), files that were not affected by the ransomware are left untouched and the newest version remains, even if they have changed since the latest backup.

Web-based EVTX Viewer for Data ONTAP

Our EVTX explorer for ONTAP is the latest innovation to distinguish Cleondris add-ons. This exclusive functionality is unparalleled in the NetApp market and offers a smooth solution to a previously insurmountable problem. The RBAC/Kerberos integrated viewer allows you to give your security officers exclusive 24/7 web-based access to EVTX files. With flexible filtering options, they have all the necessary information at their fingertips and can handle compliance issues promptly. Prior to the viewer, if your security officer needed access to the NetApp file service audit logs, a storage admin had to first copy them to another security zone as they were not accessible via CIFS for security reasons. In addition, even though the files are in the general EVTX format, the officer could not evaluate them, because the data fields are NetApp-specific. The EVTX viewer solves both challenges and potentially costly delays, are a thing of the past.

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