Cleondris™ Data Manager

The classic add-on for NetApp ONTAP based storage platforms. Continually enhanced since its launch in 2010.
One tool with many functions, including backup, restore, indexing, search, as well as VMware integration.

 100% compatible with Data ONTAP versions 7, 8 and 9

 Backup, restore, indexing, search, as well as VMware integration

 Now with SnapMirror Cloud support

 Well-established, trusted and mature technology

 The OVA-based installer ensures seamless installation within minutes


No matter whether you are running a single FAS2600 or dozens of AFF A800 based MCC clusters,
Cleondris Data Manager (CDM) helps you get the most out of your NetApp installation:

Snapshot based Backups

CDM (Cleondris Data Manager) supports all versions of ONTAP independently from 7.3.3 up to 9.9.1 (both 7-mode and Clustered Data ONTAP, including MCC). It is based on NetApp's snapshot technology and leverages ONTAP's deduplication to further increase backup efficiency. CDM can backup an unlimited number of files (CIFS/NFS), LUNS or VMs instantaneously. There is no need to install additional agents or to utilize other VM resources.

Restore of Files, Directories & VMs

CDM can restore any kind of data. You can use its unique NetApp storage browser to easily navigate through snapshots and replication chains. Restores (including redirected restores) can be triggered with a single click. CDM is genuine enterprise-level software: every step of a restore operation is carefully logged for documentation and compliance purposes, including the identity of the restore user and assigned ticket number.

SnapMirror Replication

CDM can replicate data using SnapMirror (DP and XDP). Even if you choose not to use any of the CDM backup features, the integrated global Replication View allows you to easily identify replication relations with high lags. In stealth mode, CDM tracks replications and can restore VMs even if a backup was done with NetApp's internal snapshot schedules.

NEW: SnapMirror Cloud

CDM can leverage the SnapMirror Cloud engine, which is part of ONTAP 9.8+ and allows you to replace NDMP based tape backups with incremental forever Cloud backups. Cleondris is the first NetApp alliance partner that has successfully integrated this technology into its backup product.

Indexing & Search

Most storage administrators spend a lot of time helping users find and recover lost data. Cleondris developed the first-ever meta-data indexing and search solution for file systems to support storage admins. The tool was developed from the ground up and optimized exclusively for ONTAP. It integrates flawlessly with NetApp snapshots, NDMP, SnapDiff and SnapMirror features, and supports indexing on primary, secondary, and tertiary volumes (SnapMirror cascades). A single CDM installation is suitable for all environments, from small business deployments to systems with billions of files. You can install it on an existing environment in minutes. The underlying multi-versioning database technology we use for indexing functionality, is based on the latest scientific research. Most alternative tools employ general-purpose third-party open-source indexing packages.

And much more...

  • CDM's powerful graphical backup scheduler allows you to define snapshot backup schedules without cron knowledge.
  • Our VMware integration was introduced in 2010 and is stable and mature.
  • single file restore capabilities are available for Linux + Windows virtual guests. This feature was developed at the request of our enterprise customers.
  • The agent-less, adhoc LVM resignature and self-service capabilities for Linux virtual guests is a unique selling proposition. It is ideal for customers that want to replace agent-based backups of VMs with array based snapshot backups .
  • The web UI of CDM is based on HTML5 . No local client software other than a web browser is needed to access the software.
  • A RBAC (role based access control) system allows to safely delegate tasks , e.g., to a helpdesk or to security officers. It can be closely integrated into AD (active directory) .
  • Kerberos single-sign on allows the product to be integrated into password-less enterprise environments with smart-card authentication .
  • A mature event system allows the product to be integrated into external monitoring and event aggregating systems like Splunk.

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