Unmatched Cybersecurity and Compliance for NetApp ONTAP Systems


Are you fed up with the persistent threat of ransomware attacks on your NetApp systems? Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that guards against cyberattacks and aids in data management and compliance? Your search ends with SnapGuard.

Exclusively engineered for NetApp ONTAP systems, SnapGuard offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity. From being the first to pioneer FPolicy-based ransomware protection for ONTAP to providing governance, analysis, and reporting features, we've been your one-stop solution for data security and compliance since 2006.

Your Comprehensive Shield Against Ransomware and Beyond

Why settle for basic ransomware protection when you can have an all-encompassing cybersecurity solution? Install SnapGuard in just 10 minutes and experience its multi-layered security designed to keep your data safe but also well-managed and compliant.

Layer One: Active Monitoring and Instant Response
SnapGuard isn't just on the lookout for threats; it acts on them. It monitors user activities, flags suspicious behavior, and takes immediate actions like account disabling and emergency snapshots. It can even lock down volumes in read-only mode during a crisis.

Layer Two: Intelligent Analysis and Compliance
Go beyond simple monitoring with SnapGuard's advanced log analysis and auditing features. Seamlessly integrating with existing SIEM platforms, it's the ideal solution for organizations with tight security and compliance needs.

Layer Three: Robust Backup and Recovery
Don't just protect your data; ensure its integrity with SnapGuard's backup verification. From securing primary and secondary storage to AirGap SnapMirror target drives, it repairs corrupted data from snapshots, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

These layers offer a comprehensive defense strategy against ransomware and other cyber threats while addressing data management and compliance requirements. Still skeptical? Try SnapGuard for free and witness its prowess firsthand.

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Easy-to-Understand Features That Keep Your Data Safe

With SnapGuard, you don't need a cybersecurity degree to protect your data. Our features are categorized into "Prevention" and "Reaction," mirroring the phases of the cybersecurity process.

Prevention: Proactive Security Measures

Stop Ransomware Before It Strikes

SnapGuard takes a proactive approach to security with features like FPolicy-based Firewall, Live View, and Real-time Agentless Monitoring. It's not just about stopping attacks; it's about preventing them in the first place.

  • Real-time Agentless Employee Behavior Monitoring (FPolicy): SnapGuard keeps an eye on employee activities as they happen without needing to install any software on individual devices. This helps you catch insider threats and block harmful files before they can do damage.
  • FPolicy-based Firewall: SnapGuard's firewall system works in real-time within your data flow, instantly stopping harmful actions. It's designed to handle massive requests per second, making it fast and scalable.
  • Live View: You can watch client activities in real time without installing agents. You can even set specific permissions to control who can see what, and it works with any ONTAP volume.
  • Block Suspicious Clients: SnapGuard automatically blocks questionable clients and allows manual blocking with one click, adding an extra layer of security against ransomware.
  • Scalability: SnapGuard can delegate firewall tasks to its virtual scale-out servers in different security zones, making it perfect for large enterprises and service providers.

Reaction: Robust Response and Recovery

Complete Data Management and Recovery

In the unfortunate event of an attack, SnapGuard provides a suite of reaction features to mitigate damage and recover swiftly.

  • Differential Recovery: If your data gets corrupted, SnapGuard's Differential Recovery feature fixes only the affected parts, leaving the rest of your data untouched.
  • Volume Analyzer: Get a detailed snapshot of your data storage, including file types and locations, to enable you to spot any unusual changes or behaviors easily.
  • Next-Gen Ransomware Protection: SnapGuard uses cutting-edge techniques to stop ransomware attacks before they start, based on industry best practices.
  • Traceability of All File Manipulations: Keep track of all file changes with SnapGuard's audit logs, helping you quickly spot and stop suspicious activities.
  • Encrypted and Externally Stored Audit Logs: Soon, SnapGuard will offer encrypted audit logs stored in an external location, making them secure from tampering and data loss.
  • Blockchain-format Audit Logs: Ensure the integrity of your audit logs with blockchain technology, meeting the highest compliance standards for file access logging.
  • EVTX Viewer: If you're still using EVTX instead of Cleondris' revolutionary blockchain-based audit, SnapGuard's built-in viewer can still help you quickly analyze NetApp's native audit logs and identify threats faster.
  • SIEM Support: SnapGuard can send event data to external Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, enhancing your ability to analyze threats and respond to incidents.

The Growing Menace of Ransomware: Are You Prepared?

The landscape of cyber threats targeting NetApp ONTAP systems is evolving, and the stakes are higher than ever. A single misstep can expose your entire network, making it crucial to arm your systems with more than conventional tools like backups and intrusion detection systems (IDS).

Why Backups and IDS Aren't Enough

Don't mistake your backup and disaster recovery plans as foolproof shields against ransomware. Backups can get compromised, and cloud-based solutions can be costly. Traditional defenses like IDS are falling short in a world where attackers constantly innovate. You need a comprehensive approach that includes faster data recovery and allows you to use your primary data even after an attack.

SnapGuard: Your Comprehensive Security Solution

SnapGuard is not just another tool; it's a complete cybersecurity strategy tailored for NetApp ONTAP systems. It combines active monitoring, intelligent analysis, and robust backup and recovery features to offer a three-tiered defense mechanism against ransomware and other cyber threats.

  • Active Monitoring: Real-time, agentless monitoring to flag and block suspicious activities.
  • Intelligent Analysis: Advanced log analysis and SIEM integration for organizations requiring stringent security compliance.
  • Robust Backup and Recovery: Differential recovery features to repair only the affected parts of the data, saving both time and resources.

The Rising Costs of Ransomware Attacks

NetApp predicts that by 2025, 75% of IT organizations will face at least one ransomware attack. The cost of recovery often surpasses the ransom itself. Don't be part of the statistics; protect your data with SnapGuard.

Boost Your Ransomware Defense with SnapGuard and NetApp

Unbeatable Security, Unmatched Compliance

Are you looking to beef up your cyber defenses? Pair SnapGuard with NetApp's ransomware protection tools for a bulletproof shield against cyber threats. Designed exclusively for NetApp ONTAP systems, SnapGuard isn't just another ransomware tool—it's your 24/7 security guard. From real-time, agentless monitoring to enhanced threat intelligence, elevate your ransomware defense with the dynamic duo of SnapGuard and NetApp.

Don't Gamble With Your Data

In an era where ransomware is growing more sophisticated by the day, relying solely on Endpoint Protection can leave your NetApp storage dangerously exposed. The question is not whether you can afford to protect your data but whether you can afford not to protect it.

Your Data's Best Friend: SnapGuard isn't just another add-on; it's a comprehensive security solution that integrates seamlessly with your NetApp storage system. Developed by Cleondris, a trusted name in ONTAP add-ons since 2010, SnapGuard offers the reliability and innovation you need to stay ahead of cyber threats.

The Cleondris Advantage: Our products are 100% developed in Switzerland, ensuring the high-quality, rock-solid reliability that your business requires. We focus exclusively on NetApp, minimizing reliance on third-party components for tighter security and better performance.

The Choice is Clear: Ransomware is a rising tide, and it's more crucial than ever to arm yourself properly. So, ask yourself: Can you leave your data to chance? Choose SnapGuard, and give yourself—and your data—the protection you both deserve.

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