Perfect management of NetApp ONTAP platforms. Backup, restore, indexing, search and VMware integration.

Data Manager

Are you looking for a powerful tool to manage your NetApp ONTAP-based storage platforms? Then Cleondris Data Manager (CDM) is just what you need. With its wide range of features, such as backup, restore, indexing, search and VMware integration, CDM helps you get the most out of your NetApp installation.

CDM is designed specifically for NetApp ONTAP-based storage platforms and provides the highest level of protection for your data. Whether your NetApp systems are on-premise, at the edge, or in the cloud, CDM lets you leverage the full power of your ONTAP system. Rely on CDM to keep your data safe. With its efficient and effective approach to data management, CDM is the ultimate NetApp add-on for backup and restore, indexing and search, and VMware integration.

Easy and efficient data management

Cleondris Data Manager can be installed within minutes even in existing environments, is compatible with all ONTAP versions from 7.3.3 to 9.x and is based on NetApp Snapshot technology. It enables instant backup and recovery of an unlimited number of files (CIFS/NFS), LUNs or VMs without the need to install additional agents. 

CDM also provides a unique NetApp storage browser feature that allows you to navigate snapshots and replication chains easily. In addition, CDM enables the replication of data with SnapMirror and SnapMirror Cloud to increase backup efficiency further.

CDM is also known for its indexing and search solution, which is optimized specifically for ONTAP. It supports indexing on primary, secondary, and tertiary volumes and integrates seamlessly with NetApp Snapshots, NDMP, SnapDiff, and SnapMirror functions. In addition, CDM provides a powerful backup scheduler feature that enables the easy definition of snapshot backup schedules.

In summary, CDM is an excellent complement to any NetApp ONTAP-based storage platform and provides numerous efficient backup and recovery features.

You don't even have to take our word for it - try CDM now for free and see for yourself the power and flexibility it offers.

Key features of CDM

The following is a brief overview of our powerful features, which can be categorized into Backup and Restore, Replication, Indexing and Search groups. Each group focuses on a different aspect of data management and provides unique features and capabilities to help you get the most out of your NetApp ONTAP-based storage platform.

  • Snapshot-based backups: Cleondris Data Manager (CDM) uses NetApp's snapshot technology to instantly back up an unlimited number of files (CIFS/NFS), LUNs, or VMs. It supports all ONTAP versions from 7.3.3 to 9.x and uses ONTAP deduplication to increase backup efficiency. CDM can back up data without requiring additional agents or using other VM resources.
  • Restore files, directories, and VMs: CDM can restore any type of data, including files, directories, and VMs. It includes a unique NetApp storage browser that simplifies navigation through snapshots and replication chains. Restores can be triggered with a single click, and each step of the restore process is carefully logged for documentation and compliance purposes.
  • VMware integration: CDM integrates with VMware, enabling users to back up and restore virtual machines (VMs) easily. This integration ensures that all VM data is protected and minimizes the risk of data loss due to hardware failures, viruses or other issues.
  • Indexing and search capabilities: CDM provides indexing and search capabilities that make it easy for users to find the data they need quickly. This feature can be especially useful in large data environments where finding specific files or data can be difficult. CDM's indexing and search solution is designed specifically for ONTAP file systems and integrates easily with NetApp Snapshots, NDMP, SnapDiff, and SnapMirror functions.
  • SnapMirror Replication: CDM supports SnapMirror replication for backup and restore operations, enabling users to identify high-delay replication relationships easily. In stealth mode, CDM tracks replications and can restore VMs even if a backup was performed using NetApp's internal snapshot schedules.
  • File browser: CDM allows users to browse and restore files on NetApp volumes. The CDM file browser also supports "time travel" capabilities to search for different versions of files and directories, even across replication boundaries.
  • Scalability: Designed for use in very large enterprise environments, CDM enables customers to efficiently back up installations with hundreds of NetApp controllers and thousands of VMs. CDM knows at all times on which primary and secondary snapshots a backup of a VM or vApp has been placed.
  • Minimal dependencies: CDM installation is typically completed in minutes and does not require the installation of additional products such as OnCommand or SnapManager. In addition, CDM does not require plugins for vCenter or the browser. The CDM web GUI is compatible with multiple browsers.  Translated with (free version)

CDM's backup and restore capabilities simplify the backup and recovery of data on NetApp ONTAP-based storage platforms. 

With the powerful graphical backup scheduler, storage administrators can easily define snapshot backup schedules without cron knowledge. CDM can backup unlimited files, LUNs or VMware vSphere VMs in a fraction of a second without requiring additional agents or using other VM resources. 

The tool provides granular recovery points with logging, enabling enterprise-level recovery and restore capabilities. Users can recover VMs, files and directories with a single click, including recovery to alternate storage locations. 

The unique Storage Browser feature makes navigating snapshots and replication chains easy.

CDM's replication capabilities are designed to manage SnapMirror replication and replace the complex, expensive NDMP tape backup infrastructure. 

The built-in Global Replication View makes identifying replication relationships with large delays easy, and users can see if SLAs have been violated because CDM tracks snapshots and replications natively in ONTAP. 

Stealth mode enables recovery of VMs from NetApp's internal snapshot schedules. 

In addition, the tool supports ONTAP 9.8+'s NetApp SnapMirror cloud replication engine, which enables organizations to leverage cloud-based backups, eliminating the need for a complex and expensive NDMP tape backup infrastructure.

The indexing and search capabilities in CDM are designed to help users quickly locate and retrieve ONTAP data. 

The indexing and search function integrates seamlessly with NetApp Snapshots, NDMP, SnapDiff, and SnapMirror functions and supports indexing on primary, secondary, and tertiary volumes (SnapMirror cascades). There are no additional components to install or runtime settings to configure - the solution is ready to use in minutes. Users can easily find and retrieve the needed data without wasting time searching snapshots or replication chains.

Since 2010, Cleondris Data Manager (CDM) has provided reliable and proven VMware integration. The integration is a core part of the product and enables seamless integration of CDM into existing virtual environments.

The single file recovery capabilities for Linux and Windows virtual systems were developed in collaboration with enterprise customers. With these features, individual files can be quickly and easily recovered from a virtual machine without having to restore the entire system.

Agentless ad hoc LVM resigning and self-service capabilities for Linux virtual systems are absolutely unique. These features are ideal for customers who want to replace agent-based backups with array-based backups but don't want to sacrifice the convenience of restores directly from the virtual machine.

With these features, customers can optimize their backup and recovery system while ensuring reliable and efficient data recovery. CDM's integration with virtual environments makes accessing critical data easier and restoring it quickly when it matters most.

CDM's VMware integration provides customers with a powerful tool for managing their virtual environments. It enables seamless integration and efficient data recovery to minimize the risk of downtime and accelerate business processes.

CDM provides organizations with significant cost savings associated with backup and recovery. The solution simplifies backup infrastructure and reduces backup management costs. Fast and efficient block-level data protection shortens backup windows and minimizes the risk of data loss. Data deduplication reduces storage space requirements and backup storage costs. In addition, CDM enables rapid recovery of data, minimizing business downtime. 

In summary, CDM provides a comprehensive backup and recovery solution that helps organizations reduce backup and recovery costs while ensuring fast and efficient data recovery.

Are you ready to leave your data to chance?

With Cleondris Data Manager, you no longer have to. Cleondris has been a leading provider of ONTAP add-ons since 2010, providing a comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use solution to protect your data on NetApp storage platforms.

Cleondris Data Manager provides numerous security features, including backup, restore, indexing, search, VMware integration, SnapMirror replication, and file browser, to ensure your data is protected and always accessible. It is also designed for use in very large enterprise environments and allows for easy scaling to meet the needs of any business.

Cleondris Data Manager integrates seamlessly with your NetApp storage system, providing a simple and effective way to protect your data innovatively. Cleondris Data Manager lets you quickly access existing backups and restore your data.

Ask yourself: Can I afford to leave my data to chance? Choose Cleondris Data Manager and protect yourself and your data now. Our ROCK SOLID products are 100% developed in Switzerland and offer you the security you need for your business.

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