Stay relaxed using SnapGuard®

When endpoint security fails, shared data stored on your NetApp Data ONTAP systems is at risk and ransomware may freely jeopardize your valuable data.

SnapGuard® provides you with peace of mind by protecting your data fabric.

Designed specifically for NetApp Data ONTAP 7/8/9 storage systems, SnapGuard is the ideal software for corporations already running on or planning to run on NetApp.

FPolicy Management

Native FPolicies on Data ONTAP are a powerful tool to block access to predefined sets of unwanted file extensions. Unfortunately, FPolicies are not easy managable on the ONTAP command line. With SnapGuard, the creation of FPolicies is easier than ever - no matter whether you use ONTAP generation 7, 8 or 9.

Preview Effects Before Going Live

Without rigorous up-front testing, FPolicies can have powerful side-effects, too. With SnapGuard's live FPolicy activity monitor you can dry run your policies on the live system where the tentative effects are analyzed and reported. So when you activate your policies you know for sure there won't be any undesired effects.

CIFS and NFS Live View

Observe CIFS and NFS client activity in real-time. Thanks to SnapGuard's live view, administrators can immediately see all ongoing operations on a NetApp volume.

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Single-Click Blocking of infected Clients

During a system infection reaction time matters: SnapGuard allows administrators to inspect file modification requests in the live view and to temporarily block a client should its behavior look suspicious.

Volume Analysis

If you suspect that a volume has been damaged by ransomware, the integrated volume analyzer let's you efficiently generate an overview of all used file-extensions. Thanks to Data ONTAP SnapDiff functionality, the analysis does not need any CIFS connectivity.


SnapGuard is licensed at affordable prices per NetApp controller (i.e., per node, in Clustered Data ONTAP terminology) on a yearly subscription. Please have a look at the SnapGuard FAQ for further information.

Cloud and Service Providers

SnapGuard is service-provider-ready: it communicates inside the secure management network over the NetApp ZAPI, NDMP and SnapDiff APIs with the nodes and the cluster admin vserver of Clustered Data ONTAP. Only when using it as an active FPolicy server, access to the interfaces of a customer's data SVM/vserver is needed.


Need more detailed information?
Please have a look at the SnapGuard FAQ.